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Being blessed with the privilege of academic independence, InnoValHC and its founders take pride in the strict neutrality of their analyses.  As a matter of principle, in order to maintain that independence, they accept financial support of their scientific projects exclusively under an unrestricted educational grant policy.

A  self-regulatory Code of Conduct, implemented at the same time when the Institute was established, illustrates the commitment of InnoValHC to the highest attainable academic standards. The InnoValHC Code of Conduct covers in detail the following subjects:


Code of Conduct

Table of Contents:

§1 Area of Application
§2 Mission and modus operandi of the Institute
§3 Professional Standards
§4 Good Scientific Practice
§5 Conflicts of Interest
§6 Implementation
§7 Allegations of Misconduct
§8 Effectiveness / Severability Clause
§9 References

The InnoValHC Code of Conduct is available on request.