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InnoValHC cooperates, in a spirit of partnership, with virtually all relevant groups of stakeholders who are concerned with the quality, the effectiveness, and the efficiency of health care delivery. These include

  • Policy makers
  • Patients (and their organizations, such as advocacy groups) 
  • Payers (such as sick funds) 
  • Physicians (and specialist associations) 
  • Providers of medical services (other than physicians - e.g., hospitals) 
  • Pharmacists (and their professional organizations)
    as well as the 
  • Pharmaceutical, diagnostic, and medical device industries
  • Public research funding institutions
  • Private research funding organizations


Login for Partners

We offer our partners access to project-related information. After successful registration you can login to download materials. For some projects, there is also an option available to upload information of interest to the respective network of scientists.

Download Areas by Project

  • SwissHTA
  • MIC Study
  • URD Project
  • Nordbaden Database
  • International Network